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Super super good, a challenging quest..

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Really enjoyed this, love being dropped into a cryptic environment and figuring things out. I feel like this is a true "metroidbrainia." There were a few spots I got stuck, mostly just not realizing I could do something or not testing enough, but some secrets are hidden quite well. It honestly feels like a true NES experience to me - always being half certain that you know what you're doing, and controls in quite an unusual way.


Cute game! I couldn't solve it, but I really enjoyed figuring out what was going on, and then how to accomplish goals. Very nice!

I would have liked some kind of world map so I didn't have to visualize the graph of the world in my head. Or even just some visual indication nearby the doors, like 1 changed tile, to remind me of where they lead.

Also, platforming challenges got a bit aggravating after a while. If I fall down that grey stone pit one more time... haha. It makes me wonder if the game could have been implemented as a top-down walker instead of a platformer, or otherwise remove platforming challenge. But I definitely understand you taking inspiration from those two games.


This is an excellent game based around discovering game mechanics on your own, an aspect that games rarely lean into, even though I find it to be incredibly satisfying. Figuring out how to progress is a science, experimentation and all, and everything comes together in the end. 

I'm glad this mechanic immediately reminded me of Rosetta, even before reading the description. I can only thank you for rating Rosetta in the first place, which placed it in my feed and lead me to chase down its cryptic secrets. 

Okay wow, that's an amazing puzzle where your main form of progress is learning.



Is there an ending after having the golden rabbit?

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Oh okay never mind. I found the ending!

Really neat game! I like the Atlantis no Nazo and I was pleased to see the similarity in the detailed behavior of the jump.


not a bad game. however
1. you can softlock yourself in the room witht he ice block. picking up the room and walking to the right frezes said water, leaving ith no way to suicide.
you can only reset the whole cartridge to get out

2. its annoying that you basically use all progress if you (accidentally) dont put the currently relevant item on a hat.
like i got the eye thing, wanted to jump on the hat to place it, overjumped it and fell, eye thing in hand, into the big poit to the left.
all progress gone :-/
aside from that, not bad so far :-)

thank you! you raise some good points; I’ve made a few updates to the map that should help future players