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i can't seem to finish chicken chicken crocodiles level... any hints?

which level are you stuck on? (you can check which level you’re on by going to the level select in the menu)

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ah, i didn't know that. it's level 5.

i just tried it again and solved the level, so the hint is not needed. thanks for helping out! :)

mm, 5 is a tricky one – nice job!


I like the slow menace of the crocs and the general feeling of tension.


Just getting to this now. I can't play puzzle games for too long but I really love the play you're getting out of these mechanics :) Not sure what level I'm on now, but it's the first one WITHOUT an egg after the eggs get introduced... Really cool work!

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I'm stuck on 20 at the moment and haven't attempted 21 so I'll be spending a bit more time with it, but I really enjoyed this. 17 and 19 especially were a joy to figure out, I only got them once I slowed down and actually considered all the ideas I had been dismissing and I like when that happens. Cheers :)

thanks for the kind words! glad you’re enjoying it :)


this game is fun, i like the concept


this is awesome. love the concept and the way the mechanics are introduced in the game. pretty clever puzzle!

thank you! :)

Did you know? You can undo after a restart to go to the pre-restart move

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Loved this! I just wanted to warn you that if you get too many crocs in the vicinity of an egg, you can end up with some nasty croc-on-croc violence. I witnessed two crocs get cut in half due to their rabid egg-lust!


It truly is a croc-eat-croc world…

thanks!! glad you liked it :D

Note: there’s a bug that comes up on level 19 especially (but possibly other levels too) where if any croc tries to move but can’t, ​all​ crocs are unable to move. It doesn’t affect the intended solution, but it is a bit annoying as a player. Sorry! This was made in ~1 day and all, and I find PuzzleScript hard to debug in cases like this