v1.2 Rebalancing

The game went through some major changes during development, and now that the dust of publishing it has settled and I have a bit of space, I’m looking back and realizing some things that I want to change. So I’m changing them!

Major changes:

  • When you descend to a new floor, your next map is now made from the old deck and the old discard pile, and your next deck is made from your old map. (previously, deck->map and map+discard->deck; after this change, deck+discard->map and map->deck)
  • The cleansing ritual now requires the 10 and the Ace, making the game more skill-based and less luck-based
  • Stairs no longer require you to discard an item

Minor changes:

  • Clarified that the 10 can only be activated when you first turn it over.
  • Rebalanced some cards (mainly the item effects of the Jack and the 9) to compensate for the new descending mechanics.
  • Rebalanced some cards to be more fun:
    • the scrying cave reveals three tiles instead of two
    • 3 gives you two items instead of one
    • the Royal Favor is now draw two and discard one, instead of draw one
  • Added colored keywords and visual guides to the effect table, hopefully helping you quickly figure out which items you are looking for

Let me know what you think! If you run into any fun situations or close escapes or anything like that I’d love to hear about it

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