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despite that I posted this 9 months ago I realize you might not be aware of it lmao

oh yeah, I’ve seen it! thanks for the video, it was a fun watch :)

Nevermind, I tried it one more time and figured out level 42.  Very clever :) 


I beat every level up to #42.  I think level 42 is impossible.  I'm socked. 




You've got some fun games! I tossed you some bucks in return for the puzzling times.

! thank you so much!! glad you’ve enjoyed them :)

How do you add Level Select to your Puzzlescript games?

to use it in your own games, use the editor here, and check out the documentation here! (search for enable_level_select)


This is fantastic! Love puzzle theming like this, which gives the mechanics just enough justification to become intuitive. Level 17 is a headscratcher.

thank you!! :D