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now that it’s been a few days, here are some further changes I would make to microwave 2:

  • it probably needs something when it ends, right? like, a single non-piercing beep, or a small glowing light…
  • the “go” button as it currently is is kinda unnecessary. probably pressing “go” without any time input should start auto-reheat mode?
  • pressing go while the microwave 2 is running should maybe pause the timer without cancelling it? not sure. all it does right now is beep and do nothing, which is clearly wrong
  • if this was a real microwave 2 it would absolutely need power settings (e.g. 50%). I’m not sure how I’d design that interface but it does need to exist

Omg I want this microwave too

Hey, this isn't related to the game, but what's the game in the background of your profile/page/whatever? It looks really similar to another game i've seen on this site before by the name of Sokosoko (

it’s an unannounced/WIP project of mine; and yes it was directly inspired by sokosoko!


Ah, cool! Do you have an estimated release date?

hopefully next year sometime! the best way to get updates is probably to follow me on twitter? I’ve been meaning to announce it + put out a mailing list or something… but for now, twitter’s the way to go!

I choose not to use twitter, tbh. Drama and politics just ruin it for me.

fair! I’ve got a steam page and a mailing list now; see