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PI :)

Even though the game isn't like a usual game (usually it's a playing game or moving stuff (like moving people) but this is still good :D


the game is fun but i can't get past level 17

I can’t beat level 9

Nice Concept and good graphics!


Easy yet great game

nice lil game :D short and simple, not so complicated and easy to understand !! each level was really fun too, rlly well done game


I'm stick at 13, there is one single space that I can't get to

I got it now

I love it, but stuck on level 15 :)

wonderful concept!! really enjoyed it!


very cool! the level design is well thought out


game that got me into using puzzlescript


Very nice game with a very interesting mechanic. I love the fact that you don't neccessarily need to think about your moves but can just play around if you want.


Yeaah I've finished the gamee

2 is sooooooooooooooooooo hard aaaaaaa

stuck on level 17


What a fun little game, reminds me of the Atari era with the sounds and style. Very satisfying to play and I love the simplicity, no added mechanics to overcomplicate just changing the shape :) Good job man.

Stuck on level 9


Very good mechanic, interesting and hard

can someone confirm level 19 is possible pls thx


it is