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Four metagaming proposals :

Supremacy: erase all other colors

spoilerin fact it seems to be the expected way to play the game:

Division : have all colors in game without them being in contact.

Celular automaton : watch the algorithm evolve without intervening.

Painting : make a painting.

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omg yes I love these :D

Is that an original painting or a recreation/reference to something? it’d fit right in with these: :)

A lakeside cabin:

lakeside cabin

Another mode:

Sorting : sort the colors into a gradient

sorted colors


Nice ! The gradient is impressive !

The painting from my comment is an “original painting” (not a rothko reference). This is a sunset scene with the sky turning dark and you can see small trees and houses at the bottom :)

oh! your painting gave me a sunset vibe but I didn’t realize how zoomed out it was – it’s so lovely!


love how they struggle before they die :)