My unfinished 7DRL entry.

Heavily based on krystman's excellent "porklike" tutorial series; I coded this all myself but followed along pretty closely up until episode 20 and then went off on my own. (don't go complimenting me on my visual style or anything; it's taken from the tutorial! check out 2 minutes of the videos to see what I mean)

I got pretty distracted making:
* a larger map, with token optimizations for the camera
* a map generator
* a vision/light system
* a background jobs system that let me perform heavy calculations across multiple frames (mainly pathfinding, which is much more expensive on this much larger map)
I got all of this working to my satisfaction! but I never could find the focus to build a game on top of this engine.

Maybe I will make this into a game eventually! For now it's not much; walk around and find the exit stairs. (you're invincible)


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that's great ! interesting camera movement ! feel you in pico8 dev steps

thanks! I got really distracted in the weeds on this one… look at this incantation I made to only draw the part of the map that’s actually visible onscreen (based on the camera position, which is stored at 0x5f28,0x5f2a):


unfortunately (fortunately?) this has no performance benefit over just calling map(), ha.