made in ~2 hours minutes for 0-hour game jam 2021 

I don't live in the eu timezone, so this was mainly a practice run for next week. Lesson learned: puzzle games/puzzlescript games are hard to ship half-finished! (and once the code bugs are gone you have to make levels; uh oh)


  • arrows / wasd: move
  • space / x: plant carrots / make bunnies move
  • z: undo
  • r: restart
  • esc: quit to menu


I pressed the "random theme" button a few times and got these themes:

  • runner delight
  • purple bad
  • baby carrot

you can see how the game happened from there ;)

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This is a lot of fun — really clever interpretation of the rando-theme!

The last level feels like it demonstrates the ability to make sophisticated puzzles, but it's hard to parse the precise rules of bunny carrot-lust when there are multiple bunnies in play. The specific problem, which is probably hard to solve, is that it feels more efficient to half-guess a solution and then tweak it based on the bunnies' response than to deduce it.