v1.2 de-cheesing

I’ve done some playtesting and made some updates:

major changes:

  • fixed some major cheese in level 4; it should now force the specific moves I was intending
  • fixed two major cheeses in level 8 that got around the (really cool IMO) solution I was intending - thanks to incnone and cryss for finding them!
  • added a variant level (level 10) based on a really cool unintended solution that cryss found for level 5

minor changes:

  • fixed a minor cheese in level 5, and telegraphed the ending better
  • swapped the order of a few levels
  • minor visual updates (e.g. level 1, level 2)

The level reordering might have messed with your save game – sorry about that! I ought to fix that in my puzzlescript fork…


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Jul 03, 2021

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