I am building an elephant in a bottle


  • WASD/arrow keys: move
  • Z: undo
  • R: restart
  • Escape: return to level select

(mobile phones are supported too; swipe to move)

12 levels of elephant-prodding fun! Jump around if you like; there's a level selector in the main menu.

Thank you to incnone and tally for playtesting!

Development log


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Very cool concept, really inspired!

Is this a bug? Seems like the elephant head shouldn't move when the lower horizontal pusher can't push left.


yup – fixed! thanks for the bug report

I enjoyed how counterintuitive some of the solutions were


Clearly impossible


even level 3 is hard XD

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This is one of the best games I’ve played from the jam so far! Very unique and interesting controls, and the puzzles you designed around them were fantastic. The only change I would suggest is maybe move level 9 several levels earlier. The difficulty seems more on par with levels 3 or 4, but maybe I was just much more used to the controls by then.

Oh, and it gave me a chuckle when I noticed what you did in the final level. :)


yeah, I went back on forth on the level order for level 9 in particular. It’s fairly easy IMO, but I wanted to make sure people had the skills required to beat level 9 before playing 10 and 11, so that they wouldn’t get stuck for level-9-type reasons.

thanks for the kind words!!


Well done,  it's great fun.


Really nice mechanic, and great level design! And great gradual building up of how to use the mechanic as well in the first four levels, nicely balanced. 


thank you :)

the difficulty curve was a LOT worse pre-release (current-level-3 didn’t exist, and current-level-9 was the 4th level… oops), so shoutouts to incnone for playtesting and showing me that the difficulty curve needed some work!


This is so much fun, wonderfully bizarre and clever!

(sorry to the recipient of the bottle in which I left an elephant prodder, I can only blame the stickiness of the elephants)