Welcome to Escalator World! You can only go up from here!


* up/down/X to menu. (the rest is explained in the tutorial)

If you're on mobile:

* If the music is horribly choppy, maybe try playing on desktop?

* On the name entry screen, just mash the onscreen buttons until it skips to the main story


Made in a forge frenzy over the course of ~5 days

Based on an old game maker game back in the yoyogames era called "Escalator World" by LeGuy. It's one of my favorites; one of the few I made sure to download before the yoyogames forums were lost to time...

(well, you can apparently get the games from the forums at www.archive.org somewhere, but it was more complication than I was willing to deal with last time I tried)


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This game is kind of hard :/


Made me question my life choices