dead ringer is back, and this time he's gonna hex you, haha

(if the game doesn't start; try loading it in chrome. sorry about that)

QWE ASD: qwerty movement keys
RL/ NS-: dvorak movement keys
restart: backspace
M: mute
P: toggle step counter
G: record gif!
  press G once to start recording, press G again later to stop
  then wait for the gif to download
  if you do it wrong or if you run over the max length (~100 seconds), it'll just silently fail
how do i win!

ring the bells and then charge dead ringer into the gong

If you're very confused, this game is a recreation of a boss (Dead Ringer) from Crypt of the NecroDancer 

Go check it out! necrodancer is fantastic


Sounds/Music are from Brace Yourself Games.

Created for: iirc I made this in 1 day?? possibly 2. I know it was at least 12 hours of work

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