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When I was a kid (4~8 years old?), I made dozens of "homophones", which were this genre of puzzle/adventure games I invented. Basically, they were one-page point-and-click adventures, drawn on paper. Think Hapland, but worse. (Ironically, I never had the patience to beat any of the Hapland games...)

My parents would play them and get frustrated to no end, because they were frustrating! But they did have logic behind them, and after you had found all the bad endings where you were eaten by a qui or burned by lava, you would (hopefully) realize the intended solution, and free yourself from the game.

This is another one of these games, made decades later. It's the same style of unfair and frustrating, so idk that I can really recommend playing it... but it was fun to make! Honestly idk how you're gonna play this without me there to be the GM; maybe check it out yourself and imagine how it might work, and then watch cryss' playthrough?

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excellent. The mechanics of the teleportation pipes are great (with the fall and teleportation sequences). The complex pipe patterns are hard to anticipate. The fact that it doesn’t go the same way depending on where you enter is great. It really makes me want to see this mechanic developed in a real video game.

thanks! making a game in this format now that I have some experience made me really really appeciate how useful it is for there to be an intelligent GM telling the player what happened. So, it might be quite hard to build a computer GM, but I have some ideas for how I want to try… Have you played the Hapland games? (from the flash era) That’s the closest thing I can think of to “this but as a videogame”