• Click and drag the butter
  • Z / R: undo / reset
  • Escape: try a different level


Notes for phone players:

  • the game should work on mobile, but there are some crashes left I haven't been able to track down. I hope it works for you!
  • swipe through butter to move it. I recommend starting the swipe outside of the object you want to push and then swiping through it -- imagine your finger is pushing the butter. (this helps because you won't need to precisely start your swipe on any particular tiny square)

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
Made withAseprite, Sublime Text, PuzzleScript
Tagsbread, butter, PuzzleScript
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any), Smartphone
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, Interactive tutorial
LinksSource code

Development log


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Crisis averted!  Time to eat some victory toast :) 

I don't know if this is something you can fix, but the keyboard controls aren't working at all. I can use the mouse fine, but undo and reset don't work, and escape doesn't bring up the menu. This sometimes happens with other games on, but usually reloading fixes it; I've tried reloading a few times and it's still not working.

thanks for the report! it should be fixed now

So simple and elegant, well done!


Well designed levels! fun to play! (currently stuck on level 14

i stuck level 4

Just letting you know that, if it was intended to run on mobile, it crushes all the time.

oh, thank you! I’m looking into it and I notice it crashing during the level select screen, is that when it crashes for you as well?

I haven’t figured out how to fix it yet (I believe it’s a bug in the engine I’m using) but here’s a workaround: try to only tap when on the level select screen – never swipe.

I hadn't even noticed there was a level selection menu xD Whenever I start a level it looks like this. I need to press Restart to actually see and play the level. Sometimes it will stop responding and ends up crashing. I entered now the menu and didn't have any issues with it.

oh wow, that’s wild

the level select crash is now fixed, but I don’t think I’ll be able to solve this one anytime soon

thanks for the bug report!


Excellent puzzle game! I had a similar issue on PC (screenshot is identical whenever a level loads the first time, but no crash), and it looks like it’s because the game is reverting the tiles to the default Puzzlescript non-overlapping 5x5px ones. Since you have a couple mods installed for extra height and overlap in your sprites, I’d check that code. It might be the sprite_size from PuzzleScriptPlus interfering with the variable sprite heights from PuzzleScript#.

I may take a look at this myself at some point, because the mods you used are pretty great. Will let you know if that leads anywhere, as I can consistently replicate this bug.


Level 13, 14... Bah! You people suck! :) How about us stuck on level 5?!?!? Seriously, this is a good game!


Incredible game! The rules are very simple, and yet every puzzle manages to find an interesting twist you hadn't though about before. Level 14 in particular was a rollercoaster

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Level #14 took me ages over the past few days, my pet pasttime project. Was glorious and bittersweet to finally solve it. Best puzzle game i've played all year, delicious graphics and theming


Good game with some nicely tricky levels. I finally got 13 and 15 but 14 continues to elude me.


Great work from all involved, love the presentation of the game and the page, and wonderful puzzle mechanisms too.

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This is gorgeous! Predictably, Le Slo's level still seems to have defeated me with its extreme simplicity concealing something that large amount of brain-churning cannot unlock. (edit: finally figured it out! It's wild to me that it can avoid so many unintended solutions while looking so uncomplicated)


Please send the unbutterer to restore friction to those floors.. The decorative knife walls may no longer be hot, but they're still very sharp, and we don't want any more workplace accidents!