v2.1: practice mode, local multiplayer, and more!

if your main memory of linecook is being overwhelmed (most people, I expect?) try the new practice mode! you only have 1 claw, thank goodness.

I’ve made sure the difficulty modes and new maps(!) work correctly inside practice mode, so feel free to play practice mode for as long as you’d like – I like the chaotic flavor of normal mode, but I know it’s not for everyone.

while I was adding practice mode, I realized it would be easy and VERY GOOD to add local multiplayer. so, tada, now there’s local multiplayer! I’ve also had a lot of fun playing “local multiplayer” alone, using both hands – give it a try

I’ve added 3 new maps! they’re small geometric changes that wildly change the flavor of the game. I’m feeling more and more validated about my thoughts in my original devlog :)

all 4 maps visible at once

full changelog

major new features

  • practice mode – only one claw! try this first
  • local multiplayer - set “cooks” to 2 and use ESDF to control player 2
    • also try playing local multiplayer by yourself, with two hands
  • 3 new maps (4 total)
    • NEST: the old starter map we all know and love
    • CANON: I like this map a lot. it’s more complex than NEST (but not necessarily harder)
    • RIVER: is this a fun map? I dunno! it has some very different strategies though. possibly an easier map than NEST?
    • SIEVE: this inverts the normal flow of the game – very fun, if you don’t mind the headache ;)
  • new menu screen: change map, number of players, and difficulty

minor upgrades and tweaks

  • the birds now have names! two of them are secretly dating
  • new coat of paint on the recipe book
  • new shiny game over screen
  • better text readability
  • input buffering
  • better grab animation + tweening
  • added a speedrunner-friendly “restart” to pico8 menu (press enter to access)
  • pico8 now has volume controls (pico8 menu > “options”)

I hope you enjoy linecook 2.0! send me your gameover screens – I’d love to see them


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Version 2 Jun 01, 2022
linecook-windows.zip 997 kB
Version 2 Jun 01, 2022
linecook-linux.zip 746 kB
Version 2 Jun 01, 2022
linecook-osx.zip 3 MB
Version 2 Jun 01, 2022
linecook-raspi.zip 2 MB
Version 2 Jun 01, 2022
v2.1.p8.png 45 kB
Version 1 Jun 01, 2022

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