Play two games at once! Work your way up the tech tree and mine diamonds for points, while avoiding trapping yourself with the tetris pieces!

tl;dr: collect with X, craft pickaxes etc with Z, don't die, collect diamonds (eventually)

* Pink blob:
    * arrow keys: move
    * Z to enter crafting menu - left/right to move, X to craft, Z to cancel
    * X to collect blocks
    * X to place last placeable item (shown by "next" if available)
* Tetris:
    * X/Z to rotate
    * left/right/down to move
    * up to drop


* 1 wood => 1 stick
* 1 stone => 1 brick
* 3 wood + 2 sticks => 1 wooden pick
* 3 stone + 2 sticks => 1 stone pick
* 3 iron + 2 sticks => 1 iron pick
* 4 stone => 1 furnace
* 4 iron + 2 sulfur => 1 compressor
* 2 sulfur => 3 gunpowder
* 2 gunpowder + 2 coal => 1 bomb
* in a furnace: 1 iron ore + 1 coal => 1 iron ingot
* in a compressor: 1 cracked diamond + 2 sticks=> 1 diamond

It's kind of a lot. good luck! some random tips: your inventory slots are capped at 10. make sure to craft a furnace! don't die to hunger!

made for day 6 of following this theme:


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I'm awful at vanilla Tetris so it took me a little while to figure out that bad tetrising wasn't why I was doing so poorly.  I'm still not doing well but once I got past that hang-up and forced myself to play it properly, I got to see all sorts of cool little details. I thought the most striking feature of bakeshoppe was how economical (? feels too highfalutin for what I mean) with the controls and it's so much more potent here.

Just an aside, are there any lose conditions besides starving, getting crushed and stacking too high? I lost one time without any of those happening so I was a bit confused.


oh, that’s a very good point! I hadn’t drawn that parallel myself but yeah you’re absolutely right (re: bakeshoppe).

The original vision for this game was that the controls would be all tied together to trip you up as much as possible (e.g. pressing up/down would craft the current item and close the crafting menu, if you had it open). But then as I got near the end I noticed that the gameplay was good for other reasons, so I scaled the complications back and tried to make the control scheme as nice as possible (while maintaining the arrow-keys-plus-two-buttons restriction). I think it ended up at a good place!

Hmm, I can only think of ~2 other ways to die; I’m guessing it was the second one:

  • getting hit by a bomb
  • rotating a piece into you (the rotation code isn’t particularly “smart”)

this was awesome. sometimes i fell like im cheating in the tetris side, and sometimes i feel like im cheating in the mine side. I LOVE THIS

thank you!!! :D I’m really really happy with how it turned out! I keep coming back to try and get a higher diamond score haha


Hi, This is an interesting game.  There are a couple of issues, though.  More than once the coal(?) block spawned right above the pink blob and  it was game over.  Also, I was only able to collect apples and wood.

The coal thing is intended - there is a way to avoid being killed by the coal (rot13: cerff m gb ragre gur pensgvat zrah, gura cerff gur neebj xrlf gb zbir gur pbny oybpx jvgubhg zbivat gur cvax oybo)

Collecting higher-tier materials requires crafting pickaxes first (which is not explained in-game)

It sounds like the tutorial messages I put in still don’t make things very clear - sorry about that! I think I’ll make a short explainer video. Thanks for the feedback and for checking my game out!

Ok, thank you for letting me know and you're welcome.  As for the tutorial messages, all I saw was a message that said punch trees.  Is that what you're referring to?

yup. There are more messages later, but you got (understandably) confused before getting to them. 1:30 in particular of might help you get to the rest of the game, if you’re still interested!

Ok, great.  I'll take a look at the video.


Thanks so much for the tutorial video.  It really helped.