a small animation, made in 210 characters of code. the animation takes 10~20 seconds to complete, but something interesting might happen if you stick around long enough

the code

cls()::_::w=t()*2for i=1,w*14do
a=⌂-🐱+rnd(2^13)s=(%(a-65)+%a+%(a+64))%15poke(a,s>8and 0or s>6and 1or s>4and mid(1,2,2+cos(min(w%4,1.5))+(a%127+w&48))or ceil(s/3))end?"\^!5f10▒a😐"
rect(0,0,127,127,2)flip()goto _

did you know that 0x1234%15 is 10, because 1+2+3+4 is 10? similarly, in base 10, 1312%9 is 7, because 1+3+1+2 is 7. it's a neat trick I just learned, and I use it here to do a game-of-life-style sum-of-surrounding-pixels type of thing (s=...%15 is the sum)

also available for your viewing pleasure on twitter dot com: https://twitter.com/pancelor/status/1484690195244933123

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Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Animation, PICO-8, sizecode, tweetcart


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it's like a digital heartbeat

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thx! I spent a long while in a graphing calculator trying to get a good heartbeat pulse before I found a short formula that felt good. I’m glad it came through!