v1.1 - minimal bugfixes

I’ve had dinner and a long break; now that the pressure of the jam has passed I’ve noticed a couple major bugs; here are the fixes!

fix bad death logic with campfires - much more lenient now

dying at night was supposed to process every second, not every player input! whoops. should be much more lenient now

fix ocelots being too brave - need to spook every step, not every second

basically the opposite problem as above. it’s easier to scare away the ocelots now

fix cats dropping tools

an annoying bug I’d noticed before but didn’t know what was up; fixed now. (if they failed to move, they would drop their tool) (this caused some softlocks)

fix player sprite animation

frame 2 already existed (I made it during the compo) but it wasn’t showing up ingame because of a bug

fix win palette + broken sfx

simple graphics bug when you win


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Version 3 Apr 26, 2021

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