welcome to the ocelot safari!

enjoy the ocelots, and do let us know if you find any long-lost relics deep in the jungle :)


  • hold Z to drag things
  • arrow keys to move
  • ctrl-r to reset; ctrl-m to mute
  • retrieve the lost gemstone of Tezcatlipoca! some say it’s as far as fvkgl-sbhe meters deep in the jungle!


  • we’ll leave you some new tools at the initial drop point, if the ocelots steal your gear
  • ocelots can crawl through vines and trees -- they're tricksters!
  • be sure to bring some matches; the nights are long and dark and who know what lurks in the jungle...


I didn't make the time to make an interactive tutorial, so here's a video instead:

And here's a gif showing how to use each tool:

(light a fire by bumping matches into wood)

ludum dare / source code

this was made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 48 Compo; theme: Deeper and Deeper. This is my first time I've completed a Ludum Dare! :D

here's the jam page; rate my game! https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/48/ocelot-safari/

the source code is available at https://github.com/pancelor/ocelot-safari, or inside this image (drag/drop it into your local Pico-8 console)

good luck in there!


  • My initial goal was to make a game exploring how items feel if you have no inventory system or “use item” button. I’d stumbled on a similar system (“tangible code”) recently and wanted to see if it would work again; more info here: https://pancelor.com/posts/linecook. Sometimes movement can feel a bit awkward, especially at the start, but that’s what the whole game is built around, so I think it’s fine.
  • I really like how the nighttime and the ocelots make it a visceral struggle to advance deeper and deeper into the jungle. (although I do now think the deaths are too punishing)


ocelotsafari_linux.zip 707 kB
ocelotsafari_osx.zip 3 MB
ocelotsafari_raspi.zip 1 MB
ocelotsafari_windows.zip 1 MB

Development log


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Cool Pico-8 game! It’s fun figuring out the movement in this game, the way that tools sort of trail behind you as you move make it feel like a puzzle game. I love the tileset you created, nice use of Pico-8’s extended palette to give the game its own unique look. Kudos. :)


I love the idea of a minecraft-like survival game where your tools are just blocks you push through the environment. This has a lot of content and neat interactions especially for a 48 hour game, really cool!

thank you! :)